Carter: Altar Training

President Oaks and Carter Ford

As young Carter prepares to serve at the Altar with Father Oaks, he learns that he must be purified of all his mortal sins first. These include his sexual transgressions, as the boy has slipped multiple times during his education at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. It’s common knowledge amongst the Priesthood and his classmates that the boy has a dirty mind and is willing to explore every corner of sexual depravity with a smile on his face. To curtail the boy’s unadulterated lustfulness, the priests have come together and formulated a plan. They would normally reserve service at the Altar for the most chaste and pure boys the school has to offer. But they believe that giving Carter the opportunity to become an Altar Boy may just be the medicine he needs to cure his insatiable hunger for cock. So, when he meets with Father Oaks in his office, Carter is ready to surrender his old ways. He does not want to disappoint the Priesthood, especially after they have made such an incredible gesture of faith in his righteousness and ability to change. But as Oaks looks over the young man’s beautiful face and fit body, he can’t help but feel his loins stir. He understands why this boy has been so wayward in his sexual escapades. He has an undeniable sexual energy, and when he walks into the room, everyone can feel it. The only way to help the boy change is to confront his sexuality head on, so Oaks takes on the responsibility himself. He unsheathes his girthy dick and lets the boy suck on it lovingly in his office. He squeezes the young man’s ass cheeks and then moans as the boy sits on his hard cock, bouncing orgasmically as his cock waves. Deep inside young Carter, Oaks feels he can help change him for the better.

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