Carter: Penance

Father Romeo and Carter Ford

Young Carter can’t seem to avoid trouble since enrolling at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. Every turn he makes, there is some hungry set of eyes scanning his body from head to toe, waiting for the chance to sample his skin and his sexuality. Carter has never had this kind of attention before, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. Should he take every opportunity and make up for his lack of experience, or should he be more discerning? He isn’t even sure what picking his spots would look like. The boy’s head is spinning, and nothing can calm him down except an orgasm. So, when Father Romeo summons the boy to his chambers for a talk, Carter is sure that there is a disciplinary measure in store for him. Romeo informs the boy that his roommate has revealed that he was masturbating while the boy was trying to sleep. Carter admits his guilt and looks down at the floor, embarrassed to bare his sins in front of the holy man. But Romeo wants to help the boy maintain his sense of self, and the only way to do it is to help him repent for his transgressions through corporal punishment. He pulls on the boy’s cock, wrapping his fingers around gently until it’s rock hard. Then, he lays Carter across his lap and looks over his bare ass. He brings his hand down on the boy’s cheeks, spanking him mercilessly. Then, he fills the kid’s hole with a long toy, stretching his sphincter until Carter is ready for the holy man’s bulging dick. Romeo penetrates Carter, making his eyes roll back in his head as he punishes his tight hole. Penance is the sweetest release, and as Carter jerks himself to an incredible climax, he feels salvation wash over him.

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