Dakota: Confession

Dakota Lovell and Father Fiore

Since young Dakota has been having secret sexual affairs with the priests as St. Thomas Catholic School, he has become more and more confused. On the one hand, they teach that chastity is the path to righteousness, and that any boy who commits the sin of sex before marriage must ask for forgiveness from the Almighty. However, time and time again, the priests have seduced him into wicked sexual acts. And while he loves every second of the lascivious encounters, afterwards he is left in a cloud of confusion, unsure of himself and his purity. To curtail his guilt, the boy confesses to Father Fiore in the church. In the darkness of the Confession booth, he feels safe enough to confront himself with his actions. He admits that he’s had sex with the priests and that he is likely to do it again. This is music to Father Fiore’s ears. The pervy old man pulls out his uncut boner and begins to stroke himself in the privacy of his own Confession booth. But he can tell the boy is in the midst of a spiritual struggle, so he offers a bit of a distraction. Venturing into the world of physical pleasures is sometimes the best medicine for a lost soul. Fiore sticks his cock through a slot in the confession booth, instructing Dakota to bend down and suck it. Dakota does so, savoring the flavor of Father Fiore’s meaty dick. Then, the boy takes a turn, delivering his dick through the slot so the older man can lick and suck to his heart’s content. Finally, Fiore joins the boy in his booth and stuffs his throbbing penis in Dakota’s eager asshole. The boy sits on the holy man’s boner and bounces until the man is ready to burst. Then, he gets a warm injection of cum in his aching rim. It appears Dakota has even more to mull over, now…

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