Felix: Altar Training

Father Fiore and Felix O'Dair

People have commented on the similarities between Father Fiore and Felix since the boy started at St. Patrick’s Cathlic School last semester. They bear a resemblance that makes it seem as though they’re brothers. Even Felix can see where people can draw the parallels. Both are from small towns, both were raised by strictly religious parents, and both have a trajectory that could potentially end in high positions in the clergy. Felix, though he is still a boy, has shown tremendous promise in his learning of scripture, and he has been encouraged to continue down the path and eventually become a religious scholar of some sort. Fiore has similarly attracted the attention of the higher ups in the Church, though he is much further along in his journey. All of this is to say, the two men share a kindred spirit and a similar road, and they can feel the attraction growing between them. So, when Father Fiore is tasked with training the boy to become an Altar Boy, he is more than thrilled to take it on. He meets the boy in the ceremonial training room, and Felix immediately develops a lump in his throat. This is one of the few times he will get to be alone with Fiore without arousing any suspicion from his classmates or the other priests. He feels Fiore’s steady gaze on his young body, and he’s sure that if he stays still and obeys the man's commands, there is a strong possibility that his fantasies will be fulfilled. He holds his breath as Fiore kisses his lips and slowly takes off his clothes. And as the man licks his tight asshole, he is sure he is in a dream. It’s only when the priest penetrates his ass and fucks him hard that Felix realizes his dreams have become a reality.

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