Felix: Bedtime

Myles Landon and Felix O'Dair

Little Felix has been known to be a little on the weak side. Sometimes, he can get sick after being out in the rain for only a few minutes. People believe it’s because he doesn’t get enough sun - he prefers to stay inside for hours at a time reading and studying in the library. But today, when he has a terrible cough, the priests are truly worried about him. They send Father Landon into the dorms to check on the boy. They need to make sure that he is happy and healthy, and that he doesn’t spread his cough to any of his peers in the school. Landon handles the boy lovingly. He asks him to open his mouth so he can look down his throat. Everything seems to be in order, and even though the boy is coughing, nothing looks wrong. After Landon asks the boy how he’s feeling, he realizes that the young man has been playing games all along, pretending to be sick to get out of classes and to get the attention he so desperately craves. The whole thing has been a charade designed to get Landon to check on him in the dark dorm rooms in the middle of the night. And while Landon doesn’t appreciate being lied to, he does feel the urge to take advantage of the private time that this little trick has afforded them. He punishes the boy, making him sit on his lap and fondling his cock in his strong hands. Felix grows hard and aches for the priest’s penis. He sits on Landon’s hard dick and grinds his hips on the man’s cock, enjoying the intense friction in his asshole. Then, the priest buries his seed deep in the kid’s hungry gut, breeding him to make sure the boy learns to never cry wolf again.

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