Felix: Confession

Myles Landon and Felix O'Dair

As a boy, young Felix was always regarded as the class “narc.” He’d run and tell the teacher anytime somebody stepped out of line, and while it made him popular with the teachers, it made him an outcast with the rest of the students. Even when he learned that ratting on his peers would make him a pariah, he couldn’t help himself. Maintaining the rule of law and tending to the status quo is in his blood. If he sees wrongdoing, he must report it, and no repercussion can dissuade him. So, when he enters St. Patrick’s Catholic School, he is sure he will be able to remain pure and uphold the standards expected of a good Catholic boy. However, as the days progress, Felix finds himself in the throes of an unholy affair with one of the priests. The older man constantly showers him with attention, making his desire more than apparent. And after a while, Felix is no longer able to restrain himself. He gives in to his curiosity and allows the dirty religious man to explore his virgin asshole. He commits the sin of sodomy, and he cannot bear the misdeed once it’s complete. Though he loves every second, he must Confess. In Confession, Felix reveals his sin, and Father Landon is moved by his honesty. He wraps his fingers around his cock and strokes as Felix reveals the details of his transgression, the whole time planning his next moves carefully. When the boy finishes, he agrees to help him, shoving his thick cock through a window in the Confession booth. The boy seeks to dispel his desires by indulging them, taking the priests dick down his throat. Then, he screams in pleasure as the strong priest rawdogs his puckering hole. Felix never expected sinning and absolution would feel so good.

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