Gallo: Secrets of the Priesthood

Gallo: Secrets of the Priesthood

Father Fiore and Father Gallo

Father Gallo has been condemned for his sloppy practices with the boys, but the young priest simply won’t heed the warnings. The Priesthood has many fail-safe methods in place that keep priests from having their indiscretions with the boys of St. Patrick’s discovered. However, the more Gallo ignores these guidelines, the more he puts himself and the entire Priesthood at risk. Some of the higher-ups have suggested that the man be transferred, or seen more severely, excommunicated altogether. But Father Fiore knows how much potential Gallo has. He has seen the man work wonders with the boys, and he feels that losing his talent would be an incredible mistake. So, he fights for the man. On a mission of mercy, he enters Father Gallo’s office to convey the recent news. In Confession, one of the boys has indicated that Gallo has touched him inappropriately. Of course, the priests talk around the transgression using the coded language they are so accustomed to. But there is a tacit understanding that Gallo must be more careful. These boys must be sworn to secrecy or the entire structure could come tumbling down. Gallo is upset, even frightened by the warning, but he quickly comes to realize that Fiore is on his side. Fiore leans in to kiss the man, reassuring him of his safety. Gallo returns the compassion, touching Fiore’s body tenderly. He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock, and Fiore wraps his wet lips around the head of his dick. Fiore gives Gallo a loving blowjob, and bends him over his desk to dish out his punishment. Gallo spreads his legs, and Fiore stuffs his butt with his throbbing boner. Then, he climbs on top of Fiore’s member and rocks up and down until he receives a splash of sperm on his ass. Gallo is safe for now.

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