Jace: Altar Training

Jace: Altar Training

Myles Landon and Jace Madden

The tension between Father Landon and Jace has been building, and though the men have had the chance to convene in private before, it hasn’t made the anticipation between them any weaker. In fact, they seem to be a perfect match physically, and Jace has been on Landon’s mind ever since. Rarely does an encounter with a boy linger this way. As the priest falls asleep, he imagines Jace’s cock in his hands, beckoning him forward to pummel his tight hole. At that moment, Landon usually wakes up, wishing only to return to his dreamstate so he can fulfill the request and fill the boy with his hot love. Today, as he conducts Jace’s Altar Training, he is totally enraptured with the young man’s presence. He can hardly keep himself breathing steadily as he dresses the boy in the sanctimonious robes. However, when he asks the boy how he feels, Jace admits that he thinks he looks a bit silly. Landon quickly corrects him, reassuring him that he deserves to be where he is and that he looks absolutely perfect. If Jace is devoted enough, he can become one of the best Altar Boys St. Patrick’s Catholic School has ever seen. Jace is moved by Landon’s encouragement. He drops down to his knees and takes the man’s girthy cock between his lips, sucking on it like a lollipop as he imagines what it will feel like inside his tight hole. When the priest is finally ready to penetrate the boy, he bends Jace over and shoves his cock inside from behind, pounding him mercilessly as the boy’s moans fill the room. When they finally reach the moment of ecstasy, Landon pulls his cock out and shoots a load all over the boy’s balls while Jace brings himself to a creamy finish. This match is perfect, and Landon cherishes every second they spend together.

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