Jace: Confession

Father Fiore and Jace Madden

At St. Patrick’s Catholic School, the priests are familiar with the shortcomings of young men. They know what to expect, especially in the Confession Booth. Rarely do Confessions stray outside of minor transgressions, having negative thoughts towards another boy in school, or using foul language outside of the classroom. But when it comes to sexual transgressions, the boys often struggle with self control. If a boy is honest, he will Confess to the sin of masturbation at some point, and the priests will know just how to deal with it. Father Fiore is no exception. He’s dealt with many boys who have had problems with masturbation. In fact, he was one himself. As young Jace Confesses his sins, the priest takes out his own hard cock, stroking it slowly as the boy fills him in on the details of his crime. The more the boy tells him, the more turned on the priest becomes, feeling himself grow stiffer and stiffer in his own hand. He can’t wait to take the next step, to show the boy his manhood and ravish him. But first, he must discover the extent of his Sin. It’s not until he can’t hold back any longer that he shoves his cock through the curtain dividing their booths and asks young Jace to touch it. He licks the boy’s tight hole, getting him excited and ready for deep penetration. Then, he joins the boy in his booth and runs his hands over his sculpted body. He stuffs his dick inside Jace’s puckering asshole and thrusts hard, making him moan in heat as he works. The boy can hardly believe the actions of the brazen priest. But he won’t question what feels good. He gives himself up to the bareback pleasure, and strokes himself until he brings himself to euphoria. Another boy cured of his masturbation habits by confronting his lust head-on.

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