Kendrick: Altar Training

James Keresford and Kendrick Thomas

Sweet Kendrick has been on Father Keresford’s radar for quite some time now. But the man hasn’t been able to come up with a plan to approach the boy without scaring him off. It’s been even more difficult as the other priests turn their wandering eyes towards the boy. If Father Keresford doesn’t act soon, there’s a chance the boy will choose another one of the priests as his favorite. Once that bond has been established, it’s very hard to undo. And Father Keresford has lost too many boys to his highly competitive companions. The clergy is absolutely relentless when it comes to their preferences. To get ahead of the competition, the priest makes a special invitation to young Kendrick. It is against the rules for priests to congregate with the students of St. Patrick’s outside the halls of the school. However, Father Keresford is willing to take the risk in order to solidify his connection with the boy. He invites Kendrick to his home with the pretense that he must discuss a very important responsibility he will be bestowing upon the boy. He has chosen Kendrick as St. Patrick’s next Altar Boy, an honor that any student at the prestigious Catholic school would die for. Kendrick is shocked, and he is willing to do anything to show his gratitude. Father Keresford pushes the boy forward onto the couch, pulling his pants down and exposing his toned ass. He slips his tongue between the boy’s cheeks, licking his tight rim and making him pant in ecstasy. He can feel the boy relaxing, and soon he is sure Kendrick is ready for penetration. The holy man unsheathes his cock and slams it into the boy’s tight asshole as he screams in pleasure. In the comfort of his own home, the priest can do whatever he wants with his newest conquest.

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