Marcus: Confession

Bill Farnsworth and Marcus Rivers

Marcus is absolutely terrified of his own feelings. Ever since he was caught kissing a boy under the bleachers at his last school, he has been scared to reveal his feelings about men to anyone. After all, last time he was expelled from his boarding school altogether and sent away to a strict religious school in hopes that it would cleanse him of his impure thoughts. How could he avoid being traumatized but such a scarring experience? So, as he steps into the tight, dimly lit Confession booth, he is unsure what will come out of his mouth. At first, he is almost certain that he will avoid the truth at all costs. There is no way that he will reveal his feelings towards other boys to another soul, especially an authority figure at the school. If he is kicked out again, there’s no telling what his parents will do to him. Maybe next time it will be the streets! But as he opens his mouth in the holy booth, a strange feeling of being watched comes over him. Maybe all the prayer and teaching has gotten to him. Whatever it is, dishonesty simply doesn’t feel right to him. Father Oaks waits patiently for the boy to come to his senses and confess. He already has a strong feeling about the nature of the boy’s sins, but he wants to hear them come off his lips. The words are delectible to his ears, as he knows they can only lead to one thing. The boy’s absolute sexual surrender, his full trust put in the arms of the eager priest, and a secret bond formed that will lead to satisfaction beyond worldly belief. Such taboo joys can only be shared between a lecherous priest like Oaks and a young, strong boy like Marcus. As Marcus finally confesses that he has desirous feelings towards other boys, Oaks reaches down and rubs his own cock through his garb. The boy has finally crossed the point of no return. Oaks offers his sympathy, telling the boy that he has nothing to worry about. He unzips his pants and wraps his fingers around his thick boner, jerking as he discusses the erotic feelings Marcus is struggling with. Every bit of information he receives makes his blood rush faster and hotter, filling his engorged cock with sexual energy that he needs to release. After receiving the confession, Oaks makes his move. He asks if he can reveal a secret to the boy, something that cannot be shared outside of the Confession booth with anyone. Marcus agrees. Oaks slides open a hidden compartment in the booth, revealing his stiff cock as it waits for the horny boy’s attention. Marcus can hardly believe his eyes, but he is so overwhelmed with joy at acceptance from this respected man that he does not skip a beat. He bends down to stroke Oaks’s savory erection, pleasing every inch before discovering the full extent of Father Oaks’s love…

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