Mason: Confession

Mason Anderson

Young Mason is known as one of the more honest boys at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. Since he has come in, he has proven to always tell the truth, even when it is not advantageous to him. There were times he could have skipped the order of boys to become an Altar Boy, and instead of exaggerating his own accomplishments or lying about his level of devotion, he chose to be honest and suffer the consequences. It may put him behind in the short term, but the Priesthood takes note of this kind of nobility and looks to reward it whenever they get the chance. Today, Mason is faced with yet another test of his faith and his honesty. In the Confession booth, the boys are expected to cough up all their darkest secrets and sins, regardless of the magnitude. And while many of the boys cannot bring themselves to fess up to everything, Father Gallo expects nothing but complete honesty from young Mason. And after only a few moments in the booth, Mason comes clean with his sins of the flesh. He admits that he and his girlfriend recently went too far in the throws of passion. While he knows he is supposed to save himself for marriage, he simply could not contain himself. Father Gallo is not shocked to hear such news. Young Mason is undoubtedly a handsome boy, and many temptations lie in wait for boys with such good looks. He is not surprised that the boy’s girlfriend was able to successfully make him into a sinner, and he is willing to go the extra mile to absolve the boy of his guilty conscious. He teaches the boy that there are better ways to pleasure himself that keep him pure and ready for the holiness of marriage. He instructs the boy to stick his cock through a slot in the Confession booth and wraps his hungry lips around his quivering cock. He feeds the boy his own stiff rod, letting it fill his inexperienced mouth. Then, he joins the boy in his booth, shoving his dick deep inside the boy’s asshole and plowing him relentlessly. This Confession has taught Mason more than he could have ever hoped to learn.

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